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Why valet your event?

Adding valet parking to your venue or event improves guests’ perceptions as soon as they arrive at your location. We put a strong emphasis on delivering top-quality customer service and ensuring your guests are comfortable and stress-free when they walk through your doors. Guests can avoid the struggle of finding a parking space and you don’t have to worry about patrons leaving because of a full parking lot or inclement weather.

Why choose us?

When you choose us as your valet parking provider, we tailor our accommodations to fit your specific guests and their needs. As vehicles arrive, we’ll be ready to greet your guests, provide directions on where to go, share our local knowledge, and, most importantly, ensure all vehicles are parked safely. Our staff are highly trained and have additional experience helping elderly and physically disabled guests, making their transition easier from their vehicle to your venue.

Valet Parking Venues Venues and Facilities
  • Improve guest experiences and first impressions
  • Set your venue apart from your competition
  • Remove the difficulties of hunting for parking
  • Get higher customer ratings from your guests
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Private Event Valet Parking Private Events
  • Make a strong first impression on your guests
  • Create an easy transition from vehicle to event
  • Eliminate the long walk through dirt and rain
  • Add an extra touch of class to your event
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Valet Parking for Private Events


Give the bride and groom some extra relief on their special day by giving their guests an easy route into the event. Guests will be able to pull right up front and be guided in the right direction, the grandparents can be helped into the venue, and no one has to worry about their hair getting messed up in the wind or dresses and suits getting dirty while walking through the parking lot.


Attract top donors and make your guests happier by adding the extra hospitality and convenience that comes with valet parking. By offering valet parking to your guests, you are going above the norm to show you want to make their night a wonderful and memorable experience.

Parties and Celebrations

The host of a party has enough things juggle besides finding parking for all the guests. Whether you’re having an anniversary, birthday, graduation or holiday party, valet parking is the finishing touch that guests and hosts will both appreciate. Keep the high heels and long dresses away from the muddy parking lot and make it easy for elderly and disabled guests to get in and out of your event.


Professionalism creates positive perceptions in the minds of your guests, and valet parking is the perfect touch to take your conference to the next level. Not only do you add professionalism and convenience to your event, but you can also avoid capacity issues that may arise otherwise. Our professionally-trained team will ensure everyone gets in safely, happily, and ready to hear what your presenters have to say.

Black Tie and Gala Events

Let the entrance of your venue make your guests’ first impressions, not the parking lot. Our valet team will greet your guests with a smile, guide everyone towards the party, take and hang-up coats, safely park all vehicles, and allow everyone to stay out of any inclement weather. We provide everything necessary for a superior parking operation, including superior customer service.

Open Houses

Set yourself apart from other real estate agents by offering valet parking at your next open house. By removing the difficulties of finding a spot and walking through inclement weather, your guests’ minds are free to imagine the life they can have if they move into the home or facility. High-end homes and new facilities can be perceived very differently when there is a valet parking team standing out front.

Valet Parking at Venues and Facilities

Hotels and Lodging

As entrance and exit ambassadors, a valet team can immediately improve your guests overall experience. Especially during inclement weather, drivers are thrilled to see they won’t have to search for parking and trudge luggage through the lot. We are available to help with bags, guide guests in the right direction, share knowledge about local attractions, and ensure all vehicles are parked safely.

Health Care Facilities

For health care facilities, convenience for handicapped and elderly individuals is our key goal. Our valet team makes getting in and out of the vehicle comfortable for those with physical disabilities or wheelchairs. Your guests are able to pull up to the front of your facility and head directly inside without having to fight for the last handicap spot or walk long distances from the parking lot.

Function Halls

High heels and fancy dresses don’t mix well with dirty, pot-hole-filled parking lots, especially during inclement weather. Valet parking is the perfect touch to class-up events and reduce the difficulties of going from their vehicle to your venue. Elderly and physically-disabled guests will really appreciate the ability to pull up to your front door and easily get inside.

Funeral Homes

When funeral homes host life celebrations, sensitivity to the guests’ feelings are kept at the forefront. We want to make the day as easy as can be for all guests, and taking care of the parking aspect of their visit is one small way we can help. We make a genuine effort to provide exceptional service that allows guests to focus on remembrance. Valet parking also creates a more efficient flow of patrons into the home throughout the remembrance period.


Valet parking is proven to increase restaurant revenues. Oftentimes, guests pull into a restaurant and decide to leave because the place looks busy or the parking lot looks full. With a valet presence outside, customers are greeted immediately and can be informed about table availability which creates a better first impression. Not only are guests happier, but you can bring in more guests because you can fit more cars at your location.

Offices and Retail

Hospitality and sales go hand-in-hand, and having a valet parking service shows that you care about your patrons. When you give guests the option to valet park, you add convenience and reduce stress by making it easy to get in and out of your store or office. The benefits can be everlasting, as valet parking helps to improve the perception of your business and sets you apart from competition.